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Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

Sep 27, 2020

There's a big misconception that launching is about building hype and getting people excited for your product. While this might be a part of your pre-launch, there are 5 objectives for your pre-launch content that aren't about building hype. This episode, I'm sharing the 5 purposes of your pre-launch content. 


Sep 10, 2020

Ever felt guilty for charging your customers and clients, because you simply want to help everyone? You need to listen to this super-quick episode on why the world needs to you to charge for them and not give everything away for free! 

Are we Instagram friends yet?

Sep 8, 2020

A year ago, I made the scary decision to niche down into launching. I was afraid that I would lose customers and clients, lose podcast listeners and alienate my followers. Instead, some amazing things started happening in my business. This episode, I'm sharing 7 things that happened in the 12 months since I decided...

Sep 6, 2020

Think your digital product has to be 100% ready before you can launch it? Nope, that’s not true. Because, you can pre-sell your product. Which is when you sell it before you make it, or before you’ve finished making it. This episode, I’m looking at why you would want to pre-sell your product and how you might go...

Sep 3, 2020

To celebrate 300 episodes of Socialette, I asked my good friend and mentor, Ronsley Vaz, to interview me on my own podcast. Given that he's the person who got me into podcasting (and is also the best interviewer I know), it seemed only fitting that he should be the one to interview me. 

This episode was incredibly scary...